Theres No Such Thing As Weird Boobs!

Theres No Such Thing As Weird Boobs!

Call them what you want – boobs, boobies, breasts, bangers, diddies…just please don’t call them weird!

There is a caveat on this - The only time I ever want to hear you describe your breasts as “weird” is when you are checking them, and if you find something new or unusual in them, be it a lump, dimpling, or something else that just doesn’t feel quite right…then obviously you’re not coming to me, you’re heading straight to your doc to flag this with them. Chances are it’s nothing serious but these are things that you don’t want to ignore.


I am talking about the ladies that have come in to try on bras and have said this, it’s such a common cry. Have you said it in an apologetic tone when you’ve tried on something that doesn’t fit? “Oh I’m an odd shape.”  But the problem is not your breasts, or your shape, it’s just about finding the right bra for YOU!

Breasts come in every shape and size, no two are the same, and there is no “perfect” pair, yet every pair is perfect. They can be small, large, they can sag, lose elasticity, some are rounded, some teardrop shaped, conical, wide set, close set, most women have one breast larger than the other, and they can change dramatically throughout our lifetimes, hell they can change dramatically throughout the month!!!

The differences are endless…and in a world where we are all struggling with body positivity while being fed photoshopped images, we need to embrace this and stop thinking that there’s something wrong with our bodies.

When you try on bras, not every single one will fit or suit, but that does NOT mean that there’s something wrong with you. Size is only one part of the issue, there are many bra brands, shapes, sizes and styles out there, and when you find the one to suit you, you’ll never look back. And we are here to help you find that elusive (or not-so elusive) perfect bra. 


So say it with me…my boobs are not weird, that’s just not the bra for me!






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